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The Pros and Cons of Using a Furnace Humidifier
Furnace Humidifier

Despite its numerous benefits, furnace humidifiers in Calgary are not without their drawbacks. Drawbacks include mineral buildup, bacteria and mould growth, leaking water lines, and clogged drain lines. However, you can mitigate these issues with proper maintenance and annual inspections. Read on to learn more about the furnace humidifiers pros and cons. We’ll also discuss some of the other features of furnace humidifiers.

Bypass humidifiers have a water panel

Bypass furnace humidifiers have a ductwork water panel. These humidifiers use the pressure created in supply and return ductwork to draw warm air through the water panel. The water is then vaporized by the humidistat and directed through the ductwork. Bypass humidifiers are only effective when the furnace is on. In that case, you won’t need to install a bypass duct.

They produce less humidity than furnace humidifiers

While they produce less humidity than furnace humidifiers, whole-house humidifiers can still … read full article

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Don’t Wait Till Winter to Have Your Furnace Checked

furnace check up

As Canadians, we cannot wait to put away our winter clothes and get out the golf clubs.  So when the warm weather finally arrives, we just shut off our furnace and forget about it.  However, that could leave you out in the cold when you really need  your furnace come the winter time.  There are some heating system warning signs that you should be aware of.

Musty/dusty odors coming from the vents are expected when a furnace first cycles on for the season. It’s dust from the ducts being blown into the living space and the burning of dust from along the heat exchanger. However, if this smell occurs beyond that or if it comes back later in the winter, it’s a sign that the motor is overheating, or even something more dangerous, like an electrical problem.

Not many homeowners give much thought to the electrical power that goes into … read full article

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