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Don’t Wait Till Winter to Have Your Furnace Checked

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As Canadians, we cannot wait to put away our winter clothes and get out the golf clubs.  So when the warm weather finally arrives, we just shut off our furnace and forget about it.  However, that could leave you out in the cold when you really need  your furnace come the winter time.  There are some heating system warning signs that you should be aware of.

Musty/dusty odors coming from the vents are expected when a furnace first cycles on for the season. It’s dust from the ducts being blown into the living space and the burning of dust from along the heat exchanger. However, if this smell occurs beyond that or if it comes back later in the winter, it’s a sign that the motor is overheating, or even something more dangerous, like an electrical problem.

Not many homeowners give much thought to the electrical power that goes into running a natural gas furnace. Yes, the gas is what supplied the heat for a furnace. Electricity, however, is needed to run other system components such as the fan, the igniter, and the limit switch. If your furnace is regularly tripping the circuit breakers, it may mean the fan motor is overburdened and is drawing on too much electricity.

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Here is a video with additional information on energy efficient HVAC units:

If you find out that it’s time to replace your furnace, it may be worthwhile checking out a high-efficiency heating system.  Buying a energy efficient furnace could save you a lot of money in the long term with lower utility bills.  When looking for a high efficient furnace, look for the symbol “Energy Star.”  The higher the rating the better.

I hope you found this content helpful.  Just remember that it could save you a lot of grief and money if you have your heating system checked out by a professional before you really need to heat your home.  I find that the best time to get your furnace checked out is in the springtime before the air conditioning season kicks in.  It’s a slower time for HVAC technicians and it allow them to take their time and thoroughly check out your heating system.


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