Discover How a Gas Furnace Works

how a furnace worksGas furnaces are crucial in keeping many homes warm and comfy once the outside temperature starts to plummet to the negative. And it is safe to say that everybody will probably agree that it is among the most costly investments homeowners buy for their home. If you live somewhere cold, you’d probably be using one most of the year. It is best if you have an idea how a gas furnace works, so you can use it the right way, maintain it properly and regularly, and effectively do minor repairs when necessary.

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Complement Your HVAC System by Using Smart Chairs

The process of heating your home seems to go on autopilot. When you set your thermostat, the heater works by bring up the temperature in your home to match the desired temperature. This seemingly mundane process can be fine-tuned with the help of modern technology, such as smart thermostats. However, in most situations, it is still a one-size-fits-all approach to solving your problem.

If you want each member of your household to have more control over their comfort, consider integrating heated chairs with smartphone controls. Continue reading to learn more about this revolutionary approach to personal comfort.

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Guide to Creating Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Commercial HVAC

When you’re a business owner, a large amount of your spending goes to facility costs. Reducing your energy costs can allow you to spend it on other things such as expanding your business and creating new revenue. A great place to start saving money is your commercial HVAC system.

Importance of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems, along with lighting, are the biggest energy consumers in the average commercial building. While there’s certainly something to be said for building automation systems and other technology which work to reduce energy consumption, maintaining your systems through commercial HVAC maintenance greatly impacts the … read full article

Preventative AC Maintenance

Without question, the key to keeping your air conditioning system working right is preventative maintenance. According to experts, not only does it ensure all the parts are working well, but it helps you avoid spending money on costly repairs. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to perform preventative maintenance. Luckily, learning what you need to know isn’t difficult. If you’re dedicated to ensuring your air conditioning system works well and will keep working well for years to come, keep these things in mind.

1. Learn How Your System Functions

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Four Tips and Pointers On Hiring an HVAC Contractor

During the summer heat nothing can be more frustrating than an A/C that is not properly working therefore the home is not being cooled off as it should be. Oddly enough by having simply performed some preventative maintenance this frustrating situation could have been completely avoided. It is however best to solicit the assistance of a professional HVAC repair specialist for the more complicated maintenance issues, this way your heating and cooling systems are working at their best and everything is running smoothly. Simple jobs such as the airflow clogging up, which is generally due to air filters being overly … read full article

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Most Important Summer Plumbing Tips
Summertime means more dirty clothes. Make sure you check the washing machine hose for leaks, bulges or cracks. Remove the dryer lint on a regular basis. The hose should be replaced every three years. The washing machine should be placed at least 04-inches from the wall in order to prevent hose kinks and damage. Make sure you don’t leave your home while the machine is running. The ductwork can sweat from condensation during the humid weather. It may cause backups if your drains are not clear. On the other hand, leaks in the seams also can cause condensation. Make sure… read full article
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Comparing Gas Absorption Heat Pump and Electric Heat Pump

heat pump

Before we start with the comparison, let us define what a heat pump is.  It’s a device or an equipment that transfers heat from a low-temperature fluid to another that has higher temperature.  It got its name from that ability – carrying heat to higher temperature level from a lower temperature, which inverts the natural process of heat flow since it usually starts from a higher temperature and goes to a lower temperature. This process can be related to a water pump that is positioned between 2 connected water basins placed at different elevation.  Naturally, water will flow to the … read full article

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Types of Garage Heaters and How Much They Cost

Homeowners living in cold places, who likewise experience even colder winters, can benefit the most from garage heaters. It can save you from having frozen pipes and equipment, can provide warmth to cars over the night, and allow you to socialize or finish workshop tasks during the coldest months of the year.

Do you want to find out more about a garage heater installation? Read on and learn the essentials such as types and costs especially if you are planning on buying one for your garage.

Types of Garage Heaters

Electric – Electric garage heaters effectively converts electricity to provide … read full article

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Essential HVAC Services HVAC Contractors Should Offer

Heating and cooling systems are prone to wear and tear over time and continued use. If you want to maximize its efficiency and extend its lifespan, regular maintenance such as changing of the filters and replacing worn parts can help you save money too. There are other essential HVAC services your contractor can do, so ask them what these HVAC services are that can be done to ensure your HVAC system will keep on heating cold winter nights and cool down scorching summer days for a long time.

If you fail to do these essential HVAC services in the maintenance … read full article

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