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Complement Your HVAC System by Using Smart Chairs

The process of heating your home seems to go on autopilot. When you set your thermostat, the heater works by bring up the temperature in your home to match the desired temperature. This seemingly mundane process can be fine-tuned with the help of modern technology, such as smart thermostats. However, in most situations, it is still a one-size-fits-all approach to solving your problem.

If you want each member of your household to have more control over their comfort, consider integrating heated chairs with smartphone controls. Continue reading to learn more about this revolutionary approach to personal comfort.

Portable Additions to Your HVAC System

With the freelance economy, more people are working from home, whether via self-employment as remote employees. Everyone sharing your home office may have different needs when it comes to their temperature preference. For that reason, everyone sitting in the living room will have a different opinion on the right setting for the thermostat. Previously, this disagreement could lead to significant frustration or adding extra layers of clothes to compensate. Now, there is a way to control heat output from each seat.

One example of an HVAC system integrated into a seat is the Hyper Chair. This smart chair was created by Personal Comfort Systems from the University of California at Berkeley. There is obvious efficiency in this design. There is less energy used to provide heat to a chair than to heat the whole room. Additionally, the person who is seated in the chair has the control over exactly what temperature they want. According to one report, HVAC costs can be cut by upwards of 30% with the integration of heated chairs.

Multiple Efficiency Gains

One advantage of a heated seat is that the heat is directed at your body, which makes it more efficient. Additionally, a heated seat can reduce electricity demands, thereby reducing utility costs, and reduce demands on power grids.

These smart chairs currently allow you to control the device and monitor the temperature completely from your smartphone. Ideally, the future use of these chairs will include the ability to communicate with the central HVAC system to improve energy efficiency inside the home or office.

More Energy Conservation in Heating and Cooling

Smart chairs are only one way to help you decrease your utility costs. To learn about other HVAC technologies or to find other ways to improve your home comfort, speak with a licensed HVAC technician.