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Most Important Summer Plumbing Tips

After a long, cold winter, most Canadians cannot wait for summer to arrive.  It’s a time to take holidays with the family, go to the beach, play tennis and have countless barbecues. See Plumbing Edmonton.

All of this fun increases traffic in your home, which brings more toilet flushes, more laundry, and larger piles of dirty dishes.  In addition, most households will be taking the hose out to water the lawn and plants, and fill pools. It could also mean more showers in between all of these activities.

So let’s not forget about the plumbing pipes shall we.  One inconvenient plumbing problem can take the joy out the best summer day.  Here are some summer plumbing tips to keep the fun in your summer day!

Summertime means more dirty clothes. Make sure you check the washing machine hose for leaks, bulges or cracks. Remove the dryer lint on… read full article
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