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Types of Garage Heaters and How Much They Cost

Homeowners living in cold places, who likewise experience even colder winters, can benefit the most from garage heaters. It can save you from having frozen pipes and equipment, can provide warmth to cars over the night, and allow you to socialize or finish workshop tasks during the coldest months of the year.

Do you want to find out more about a garage heater installation? Read on and learn the essentials such as types and costs especially if you are planning on buying one for your garage.

Types of Garage Heaters

Electric – Electric garage heaters effectively converts electricity to provide warmth in your garage. A lot of gadgets come with a thermostat and gauges to assist you in easily establishing and regulating the temperature.

You can mount most electric garage heaters on top of a garage wall or the ceiling. Most of them have a detailed manual that will teach you how to install it with ease.

The usual cost of an electric garage heater is anywhere in between $100 to $400. You can even install several of these units manually. Keep in mind, though, that using them can increase your monthly energy bill by $20 up to $100 each month.

garage heaters

Natural – Pilot igniters in natural gas garage heaters utilize the gas flowing through a valve to produce a flame within the heat exchanger. The fan distributes the warm air in the confined space. This type of garage heater can quickly heat up so you can use it to heat even larger areas. You won’t also need electricity when using this kind of heating equipment.

You need to link the gadget to your home’s natural gas line. Many products likewise include a comprehensive owner’s manual to teach you how to install the unit the right way, and then link it to a good ventilation system to get rid of deadly combustion chemicals emanating from your garage.

It is also an excellent idea to hire a professional technician, in HVAC or plumbing, to do the installation for you.

Take into account the cost of installation priced anywhere in between $500 to $2,000, depending on certain factors. The equipment itself costs from $400 to $800. A lot of these garage heaters have its own ventilation equipment. However, several companies sell these systems separately. You have to shell out extra $150 to $300 if the ventilation is sold separately.

Propane Gas – a propane gas garage heater produces a flame within the heat exchanger. Then, the fan distributes warm air into the garage. A propane heater is a powerful choice and very effective too.

Since this type of garage heater is highly flammable, you need to make sure that kids cannot easily access it and is likewise away from other flammable items.

Expect to spend about $150 to $450 for a propane gas garage heater. However, if the unit does not include its own ventilation system, you might need to spend some more.

Garage heaters come in handy for places no longer reached by a furnace, but you still frequent at times. If you can afford it, it is a great addition to your garage, so you stay comfortably warm while tinkering with your vehicle or doing a project in the winter.


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